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in 7 minutes

  • Immersing & Cooling
  • poseetape2Direct impressions
  • poseetape3Finishing
  • poseetape4Assembling & Calibrating


Test, Titratable, Thermoplastic

  1. Normal
  2. Snoring / Apnea
  3. BluePro

BluePro has 3 key features required for successful treatment

The personalized impression made in BluePro’s mentholated thermoplastic material ensures a retention of 26 Newtons, an ideal level to maintain treatment efficacy.

BluePro, available exclusively to health professionals, is an immediate, efficient and cost-effective solution for patients in the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

BluePro’s unique millimetric titration system ensures precision in the process of mandibular advancement. This adjustment is controlled by a clickstop system that allows the two mouthpieces to slide over each other and lock at the required level of advancement. BluePro’s SMART lock therefore provides millimetric, progressive, easy adjustment suitable for any patient. On the BluePro scale the 0 mark, where the mouthpieces are exactly placed over each other, corresponds to a Class 1 Angle in normal models at a mandibular advancement of 4 mm. BluePro can be adapted to any patient and any arcade gap.
The BluePro mouthpieces maintain oral closure while allowing air circulation through the mouth. The inter-mouthpiece space ensures oral respiration if there is nasal obstruction.

The extent of the titration will depend on the effect on the snoring and any side effects on the temporomandibular joint and teeth.

Titration recommendations: Ensure the appliance is comfortable for the patient, then start the titration by advancing it by one millimetre per week until snoring stops. tableau_titration Example: if snoring is reduced and there is no tooth pain, advance the BluePro SMART lock by 1 mm for 1 week then check for any new developments and make the required alterations.

Potential side effects

  • Temporary dental sensitivity
  • Jaw pain on waking
  • Jaw muscle fatigue or spasm
  • Temporary change in occlusion
  • Dry mouth or hypersalivation at the start of treatment

The side effects experienced are usually temporary while the patient adapts to wearing the appliance.


  • Clean the appliance with cold water using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Immerse in any type of descaling solution and clean as for dentures
  • Air dry before placing in the case
  • Store below 40°

Proper care of the appliance will prolong its use, estimated at one year.

Food quality thermoplastic material (does not contain latex or bisphenol A)

  • Pleasant texture and menthol odour
  • Mouldable and remouldable as required
  • Mouldable above 60°C and polymerised below 40°C

The mouthpieces are made of Rilsan

  • Vegetable origin plastic material, chosen for its high degree of mechanical resistance and suitability for producing precision pieces
  • Designed to be adaptable to all arcade dimensions
  • Laser marked millimetric titration scale



BluePro is sold exclusively to health professionals e.g. dentists, stomatologists, otolaryngologists.

Please contact us for information about local suppliers and pricing.

+33 2 28 25 61 43

Patient Demo

Jaw model pre-fitted
with BluePro.

Pack BluePro

Instruction for use and a carry case
included with every BluePro device.


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Pas de Événements


An expert panel is available to answer your questions about BluePro and to greet you at our training events. Please don’t hesitate to request an appointment in the Contact section.


3-7 June 2017Sleep meeting - Boston- USAProgram
2-4 June 2017AADSM 26th Anniversary Meeting - Boston- USAProgram
12-13 May 2017Dentistry Show 2017- Birmingham, EnglandProgram
17 May 2017Sleep and technology - innovating for the future - London, EnglandProgram
6-8 April 2017Sleep & Breathing - Marseille - FranceProgram
16 March 2017SFMDS training day - Paris - FranceProgram
10 march 2017BDA Sleep Dental course - London - UKProgram
27-29 january 201721e Congrès de Pneumologie en Langue Française- Marseille - FranceProgram
14-17 november 2016MEDICA- Dusseldorf- Germany Program
4 - 7 september 2016ERS International Congress- London - UKProgram
18 june 2016BSDSM Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine - Leicester - UKProgram
11 - 15 june 2016Sleep meeting - Denver - USAProgram
9 - 11 june 2016AADSM 25th Anniversary Meeting - Denver - USAProgram
6-9 june 2016BSS International Sleep Medicine Course and Hands on Meeting - Cardiff - UKProgram
17-20 may 2016Hospitalar - Sao Paulo - BrazilProgram
22 april 2016BDA Sleep Dental Course - Belfast - UKProgram
17-20 april 2016China International Medical Equipment Fair - Shanghai - ChinaProgram
31 march - 2 april 2016SES Sociedad Espanola de Sueno - Valladolid - SpainProgram
14-18 march 2016Edinburgh Sleep Course - Edinburgh- UKProgram
25 - 27 february 2016Dentex - Alger- AlgeriaProgram
26 february 2016International Conference: Clinical Update Sleep - London - UKProgram
11-12 february 20161er Congrès Maghrébin du Sommeil - Marrakech - MoroccoProgram
29-31 january 201620e Congrès de Pneumologie en Langue Française- Lille - FranceProgram



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